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The farm

The farm TenutaBio of Giovanni Molè, characterized by the renewal, is born as a continuance of his grandfather, his uncle and his father’s work. It was firstly a family company that produced mainly vegetables in the open field and later, about 25 years ago, it gradually passed to specialized arboreal cultivations (e.g. olive trees and citruses).
Agricoltura BiologicaNowadays TenutaBio is situated between the geographical area of Val di Noto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the southeast hills of the Hyblaean Mounts, particularly proper to the production of olive oil. The farm is so situated between the provinces of Siracusa and Ragusa, the “contradas” Catabirrina and Albanello-Oliva in the municipal districts of Rosolini and Ispica.
The farm produces the “moresca” extra virgin olive oil, the cultivar “femminello siracusano” lemons and the cultivar “navel” orange.

Cibo OGM? No Grazie As TenutaBio has embraced the cause of environment, it exclusively employs methods of production for biological agriculture, in accordance with the Regulation CEE 2092/91, to guarantee the quality and the genuineness of products, without adopting synthetical chemical substances and genetically modified organisms (GMO).
The owner, Giovanni Molè, is deeply convinced that cultivating good biological products means above all to respect the environment (air, water, land), to respect ourselves and our health, as a healthful and balanced diet makes our life better.

One of the main target of TenutaBio is to develop a sort of “direct sales”, to establish the closeness between the producer and the consumer of goods and to address the offer to costumers who are very attentive to the quality of foods.
The farm is favourably disposed to accept any suggestion to improve its own offer.

Certificazione ICEA The whole production of the farm is guaranteed by ICEA (Institute of the Ethics and Environmental Certification), guaranteed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry which controls the characteristic alimentary biological goods and, in general, all the ethics-social and environmental goods and services.

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